The Oscar Gods Know I Exist…


So my film continues to do well. recently we received a letter from the Script Librarian (Mr. Walsh) at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences aka The Oscars, asking to put the film into their permanent core collection:

“The Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is interested in acquiring a copy of the transcript or dialogue list for the documentary THE TYPEWRITER (IN THE 21ST CENTURY) for the permanent Core Collection.  The transcripts in our collection are made accessible for research purposes only; students, filmmakers and writers are among our regular patrons.  As a research library, we do not allow materials to circulate; they may only be studied inside the reading room.  Also, we forbid any photocopying of such materials.”

Wow. Everything I have done up to this point in film has just been validated for me. I am hear for a reason and the universe has opened up and given me a sign that the best has yet to come.

Here is the link to the film listed in their catalog:  The Typewriter

Bridge to Nowhere Hike 2013

This past weekend I went on a 13 mile hike into the San Gabriel Mountains with my hiking group. Most hikers take the old roadbed to the bridge, but we decided to take the river bottom and come up to the bridge by way of the river below it. I have to admit this was a really great way to see the bridge for the first time. We also explored an old mine and checked out some waterfalls along the way. The mine is about 100 yards deep and has two tunnels that split off. One tunnel goes straight up and above the main tunnel and the other tunnel cuts to the left at the end of the main tunnel. Here is some information about the mine from the Los Angeles County Mine directory

Devil's Gulch WaterfallSan Gabriel MountainsSan Gabriel RiverDevil's Gulch WaterfallHorseshoe MineHorseshoe Mine
Horseshoe MineHorseshoe MineHorseshoe MineHorseshoe MineHorseshoe MineBridge to Nowhere
Bridge to NowhereBridge to NowhereBridge to NowhereBridge to NowhereBridge to NowhereSan Gabriel River
Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere Hike 2013, a set on Flickr.

LA Times Review of My Film

The LA Times reviewed our film today. Overall it was a good review. I also wanted more naysayers in the film, but we had a hard time finding any. I think the reason being because this machine has been, for the most part, out of the public eye so there was no reason to expect a comparison to happen naturally. We did talk to a few screenwriters, but even they fell immediately into their remembrance and appreciation for the machine. Asked if they would use it today, they said these days it was more difficult. Even they appreciated it for what it was.

You can read the full reveiew here:,0,7605527.story