I bought some land in Northern Arizona. I’m are super excited about it and the view is pretty spectacular:


I plan to build a small cabin on the land. The only issue is everyone does water haul. It’s not  that big of a deal because the water station is less than a mile away and water is less than 4 cents a gallon on average. I plan to buy a very large tank. I did find this cool site that actually calculates water usage. Pretty neat and will come in handy as I start building. I love this part of Arizona. The weather rarely gets above 90 degrees here at 7800 feet above sea level. It does snow, but rarely stays for more than a few days. The rural way of life is definitely something I am looking forward to as I get older. My sister bought land right around the corner from me 9less than 4 minutes to be exact!) and my mom wants to move here someday when she is older.

We are about an hour away from the Grand Canyon and really close to ski resorts and Flagstaff!

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