The Oscar Gods Know I Exist…


So my film continues to do well. recently we received a letter from the Script Librarian (Mr. Walsh) at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences aka The Oscars, asking to put the film into their permanent core collection:

“The Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is interested in acquiring a copy of the transcript or dialogue list for the documentary THE TYPEWRITER (IN THE 21ST CENTURY) for the permanent Core Collection.  The transcripts in our collection are made accessible for research purposes only; students, filmmakers and writers are among our regular patrons.  As a research library, we do not allow materials to circulate; they may only be studied inside the reading room.  Also, we forbid any photocopying of such materials.”

Wow. Everything I have done up to this point in film has just been validated for me. I am hear for a reason and the universe has opened up and given me a sign that the best has yet to come.

Here is the link to the film listed in their catalog:  The Typewriter

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