The Insider’s Guide to Independent Film Distribution

I really love this book. So much I decided to post my Amazon review here on my blog!

Author: Stacey Parks

When my latest documentary film went into postproduction I began trying to figure out how to work with distributors. It was all so overwhelming, especially these days with digital distribution added to the mix. I looked right here on good old Amazon and found this gem of a book. I learned so much in a few days and I put the practices from the book to work for me right away. Before long I had two distributors biting on my film. Both sent contracts for us to look over and once again, Stacey’s book was a plethora of information on contracts and checking distributor references. My favorite part of the book was the interviews with distributors. With the book and our contracts in hand I was able to decipher all of the legalese and figure out what I needed to negotiate for.

Park’s book strikes an excellent balance between digital and conventional distribution models. The book gave me the confidence to actually have a conversation with a distributor and know what I was talking about and what to ask for.   I am happy to keep this book on my bookshelf and use it again and again.

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